yoni session

Yoni is the Sanskrit name for the female sexual organs, the meaning of the name is “womb” or “source”.


Dear women

I invite you for a journey, a journey into your body, your breath, your energy.

You will be accepted with no judgment, criticism or expectations, you will be accepted as you are.

You will be given a safe space to express yourself, to share what is on your heart, mind and body and I will listen to you with an open heart.

I will invite you to be there for yourself and with yourself and I will be there for you.

I will invite you to release any expectation from the process, any expectation from yourself to function or to behave, just be who you are.

I will address your body at your pace, with patience and gentleness.

I will invite You to lie down and let go of any effort, to breathe and to be mindful of your breath and your body.

I will invite you to feel your body from within, let go more and breathe more.

Then I will touch you, slow and attentive touch, I will start with a present touch that allows the body to feel safe and let go some more.

The touch will move at your pace coordinated with the rhythm of your breathing and the rhythm of your heart with a gentle listening to your rhythm and pace.

Your pace is the pace that will lead and I will be listening and adjusting to your pace.

there will be no expectation of advancing at a different pace, or doing anything or getting anywhere, just being, being with you for you.

You will open at your own pace and when you open I will be there present, breathing with you, supporting you and your process.

Everything that comes out of you will be blessed, even if the darkness itself rises, even if joy or sadness rises, even if pain or pleasure, everything is blessed and everything will be accepted with love.

I will not be afraid of anything, and if you are scared, I will be there for you.

You will embark on a healing journey that will take you deep into yourself.

Your journey.

When the journey comes to an end I will be there to assist you to come back, to get grounded and to integrate the experience.



Tel Aviv

the session take about 2 hours

the price is 800 nis

The session begins with a conversation where I listen to you in order to get to know you, to understand what brings you, to create openness and a safe space and to set the intention for the session.

After the conversation you will go to the mattress, at this point you will get undressed (as much as you feel comfortable, I can leave the room to give you privacy if you need), you will be covered with a sheet.

I will guide you to breathe and to bring awareness to your body, guidance that is like meditation that will help you connect to yourself and feel yourself at the physical, energetic and emotional level.

I will start the touch with a present and grounding touch in order to make you feel comfortable, safe and present in your body.

Slowly and gradually the touch will move to a more intimate touch, while keeping the awareness of the breath and the body and attention to every thing that happens inside you.

This stage is like a journey without knowing in advance where it will take you.

It is possible to reach an ecstatic peak or feel a pleasant serenity, it may arise different feelings like joy and even sadness and pain.

Any sensation and any emotion will be accepted and welcomed with love.

It is important to release any expectation and to come with an open mind and heart and to allow the body and energy to lead the way.

I will be with you throughout the journey to hold a safe space for you, to support and contain whatever comes.

At the end of the journey I will help you to lend and come back to the here and now.

I will give you time you want to share and talk.


  • I stay dressed during the entire session.
  • The touch during the session is from me to you only, no mutual contact at any stage.



the sessions take place in  aprivate clinic in Tel Aviv after booking in advance.

the clinic has all the needed facilities and equipment.

the clinic is clean, all the sheetsand towls are clean and changed for every session.

In order to book a session, click on the “book a session” button, this will lead you to a payment page where you will be asked to enter your credit card information.

At this point your credit card will not be charged.

The page uses a direct debit transaction, a one-time standing order with a future date.

This transaction will be cancelled when you arrive at the session and pay on the spot and there will be no additional charge.

you can pay in cash or credit card (plus a 5% clearing fee).

If you choose to pay in cash, no charge will appear on your credit card.

All your details are stored in a secure system and in no case are transferred to any other party.

Your privacy is important and I take every precaution to protect your privacy in the most secure way.


* In case of no-show or cancellation without at least 24 hour prior notice your credit card will be charged with the full price.


After completing the payment page you will be transferred to the booking system where you can choose a day and hour for your session.

Possible session times are usually wednesday and thersday in the afternoon, times may vary from week to week; the appointment system will show you when it is available and when it is not.

When you finish the booking process, i will receive your booking information and will send a confirmation sms to the number you have provided.

This may take several hours or longer over the weekend.

The sms message will include the details of the appointment and address and directions to the clinic.

* If it is necessary to change or cancel the appointment, this can be done up to 24 hours in advance by text message only.